Changing Tastes…….

I’m a weirdo. I know that. Most of my family knows that also. But I just like to think that because I’m always evolving, I’m always open to discovering new things. And nowhere is this change more evident than in the music I listen. As I’m writing this, Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” is leaking out of my computers speakers. 10 years ago, I thought Ye’ was the best rapper alive and nobody could tell me different. Lil Wayne? Nope. Fabolous? Nope. Jada? Nada. I dont wanna say I was a stan, but it was pretty close. The entire deployment in 2004, I wore a book bag and had my polo collar turned up no matter where we went. Then something happened: I found CHH (Christian Hip Hop). Before I listened to Lecrae’s music in 2006, the only gospel rap I listened to was some Detroit cat whose name I wont even try to remember. It was wack. WIGGITY-WIGGITY WIZZACK! But man I heard Lecrae’s music and it was a game changer for me. I was already going thru a sort of “spiritual awakening” in my faith, and his music was perfect for me. I was basically disciple thru the music coming out of Reach Records. Nowadays, my music is split between hip hop, latin (Zumba!) and R&B. Man, it took me a while, but I kinda dig Coloring Book from Chance the Rapper. Yeah, I was late to the party, but I dont really like new rappers. So I wasnt looking for him. I still listen to CHH, but I find it’s suffering from the same problems that secular rap suffers from: everything is all starting to sound the same. I guess thats why I like Chance’s album. It sounds different. My favorite rapper Andy Mineo released a song for his wife for their 2nd anniversary. And it sounds… a Drake song. But musically, I guess that’s the world we live in. Its boring. Uninspired almost. Thats rap these days.

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